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Informations About ACE Relay Control (Lite)

App Description

ACE Relay Control is the dedicated App to use with electronic board RLY-1601 producted by ACE Innovation.
Using this App you can easily control the RLY-1601 board in different operating mode:
– AP mode -> direct connection with the board configured as Access Point;
– Client mode -> remote connection with the board configured as Client using its IP address or DDNS.

In Client mode comands are send using symmetric encryption AES-128 with dummy random bytes for security reasons.

Three different relay operating mode;
– on-off control -> immediate relay switching;
– impulse mode -> immediate relay switching than wait a user defined time (from few ms to a lot of hours) to switch again the relay eg: on (original state) -off- (wait) -on);
– delay mode -> relay switch after a user defined time (from few ms to a lot of hours);

Electronic board RLY-1601 can also be controlled using the API. With the API you can develop your own App or software. API is downloadable for free on the developer web site.

The Lite version of this App permits to Control the RLY but it’s unable to configure the RLY. To configure the board use the premium iOS App.

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