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App Description

For when you want to lead a smart life not just have a smart home. with ALYT you
can talk to Smart Home devices using standard communication media such as:

– Bluetooth Low Energy
– Bluetooth
– 3.5G Cellular,
– IR
– Wifi
– Z-Wave
– ZigBee.

It is a security system, an energy manager and wifi hotspot

A few things ALYT CAN DO


• Receive alerts of activity at your home while you are away. Door open, door bell rang, etc.
• Features a backup battery so that in case of emergency power outages, your home will be unaffected.
• While nobody is at home, to discourage intruders, ALYT randomly turns lights and TV on and off to make it look like someone is in
• Protect the perimeter of your property with the PIR Sensors, alerting of a breach by sending an alert, sounding an alarm on property, turning on a light or contacting authorities.
• Monitor in real-time video activities around the home, at your office or your boat/ RV by accessing the live video feed via smartphone or tablet.
• Allow access to the home remotely via voice or facial recognition.
• The smoke detector warns you promptly in case of harmful emissions,
automatically closes the gas valve or remove power to the affected environment

• Turn any light in your home into a smart light, simply screw in the ALYT actuator.
• Reduce lighting cost with the ALYT motion sensor and have lights turn off when area is not occupied.
• Lower the brightness of your lighting based on natural light with the dimmer actuators, in turn reducing energy consumption.
• ALYT real-time alerts you of high energy consumption times on your current lighting usage, suggesting way to reduce waste.
• Provide real-time information on the energy usage of any appliance in your home, then aggregate the total energy consumption at any time.

• Reduce the air-conditioning, in parts of your home where they are not occupied.
• Adjust the temperature of the home while not there, bringing the temperature up in advance of arriving.
• Maintain optimal temperature/ humidity levels for climate control rooms such as a wine cellar or cigar room.
• Suggest optimal temperature based on weather, time of day, household occupancy and future weather forecast to keep the temperature just right or save on your energy bill.


• Connect to indoor plants sensors advising on when to water or fertilize them
• Connect to health wearable sensors to monitor elderly people temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure, etc
• ALYT will notify you when your laundry is done, keeping your fresh laundry still warm, to ensure no wrinkles.

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