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There are lots of finance goal tracking apps out there. Problem is – they focus on setting goals. What about meeting them? This is what Arnexa focuses on – helping you meet the goals you set so that savings becomes a habit!

Using our app is super simple. First, set your savings goal (amount and target date). Small amounts and duration are recommended initially. Second, check-in with our app each day to report on your progress towards the goal. Third, when you meet the goal, celebrate! We also show you who the top savers are on the leader board – as an incentive for you to do better!

As you save, our app computes your “streak” (number of consecutive goals met) and other interesting stats. Keep your eye on these stats to make sure that you maintain your position and perhaps even advance on those ahead of you!

In the “Profile” tab you can provide as much (or, as little) information as you choose. The more information you provide (like household income, household size, etc.) the more we are able to compare you more accurately with other committed savers in Arnexa. If you provide no information, we nonetheless make smart guesses to still continue to provide you the best value.

Don’t worry – the wealthier the person is does not automatically mean they ascend the Leader Board more easily. Our app is smart enough to take this into account!

Lastly, do remember that once you have recorded savings in our app, you should log in to your bank account and move the monies saved to your retirement account or to your savings account – somewhere where you cannot spend it easily!

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