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Brazen Berry Bonanza is a simple, yet deep strategy game about growing and taming a garden to grow as many berries as you can. But be careful, you’ll also have to prevent evil plants from taking your plants over.

This game was originally made for the 2017 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge, and since then I’ve updated and polished it significantly. I want this game to be as deep as possible while still maintaining simple rules, and I plan to continue developing this game for the foreseeable future.

Music by Keith Burgun.

1.1 Changelog:
-Yellow seeds now show which direction they will grow in when planted.
-Yellow plants grow 1 tile longer than previously
-The game now longer ends when 5 evil berries are simultaneously ripe. Now, whenever an evil berry ripens, the enemy gets one point. The game ends once the enemy gets 10 points.
-Seed types will now be more evenly distributed.
-There are now 3 special berries, blue, pink, and light green. Blue is the same as it was before, but now pink merely makes red plants recede. Green berries pause the growth of all evil plants for 12 seconds.
-Special berries now spawn on a random position on the map (except for a 2-tile buffer at the edge of the map), whereas previously they would only spawn on green tiles. Additionally, special berries now spawn independently of the number of green tiles on the map, whereas previously the spawn rate was proportional to the number of green tiles on the map.
-The player’s movement should now look more fluid. The player character should now “lean” in whatever direction the player is trying to move between tile movements.
-The movement and planting buttons on mobile are now closer to the horizontal center of the screen.

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