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App Description

The Emotions Tracker app was designed to help individuals and their caregivers (ETP: Emotions Tracker Partners) to identify the user’s percent time in emotions on a daily and weekly basis and to learn the events and/or thoughts that preceded the emotions. The overall goal being to help people be happier and live a more content life. Besides the information being helpful to the individual app user making the recordings, the information should also be a useful tool to any treatment specialist working with the app user such as: Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Therapists, Social Workers, Guidance Counselors, Personal Coaches, AA or NA Sponsors, Probation Officers, Ministers and a caring parent that wants to know how their child is emotionally coping with life.

Key Features
· Ease of recording emotions, events, thoughts at the time of their occurrences on your phone
· Ability to type or speak the event or thought that preceded the emotions
· Adjustable fixed and random intervals to remind the recorder when to record their emotion (accurate “real life” data)
· Ability to enter a critical emotion, event, thought at any time, even if not reminded by the app
· Choice of reminder sounds
· An adjustable “do not disturb” time range
· Ability to look at your percent time in emotions on your phone at any time
· Ability to see your completed and missed entries on your phone and in the emails sent out
· Ability to send your data to yourself and up to 5 other emails of your choice, automatically
· Ability to see change of emotions, % time in emotions and triggers across time
· Help Instructions and User Youtube video training access on how the app works

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