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Would you like to have a reminder once you get to a certain place?
When commuting to your workplace, do you wish for it to wake you up once you arrive?

For example, imagine that after a long stressing day, you forgot (again!) to buy breakfast, the sacred meal that you will want to have in the following morning, when in fact, you passed by your favorite bakery on your way home. And now you have to go out again, in order to go buy it, because you don’t want to miss your meal or, worse than that, have your significant other screaming at you because you always forget it..

With GeoBeep, you no longer have to keep reminding yourself to do something when you arrive at a specific location.
Using an alarm list, much like the native iOS Alarm app, all you need to do is write up the title, description and define wherever you would like the phone to popup a reminder for your task.
Once all of this is setup, you can now save it on your phone and it will warn you reach the spot.

You can as well enable your alarm to trigger during a specific time-window. If you wish for your alarm to only trigger in the afternoon, you can easily define it by setting the start and end time.

Optimizations and bug fixes will follow in the next coming weeks so that this app can better serve your needs.

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