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Tap on the friend you’re looking for and follow the compass. Once you’re close by, Gather will notify you to look around for your friend.

It’s super easy to use, and it will save you so much time and effort!

We summed up some of the key benefits for you:
– Easily locate and find your friends in real-time;
– GETHR will guide you back to your friends using real-time GPS technology;
– Don’t waste time on searching your friends at festivals;
– Arrive later and find your friends without contacting them;
– Spare your battery life by quickly locating your friends without the hassle of endlessly calling and texting;
– Your privacy is our highest priority, so go offline and be untraceable whenever you want. It is under your control;
– GETHR is primarily designed with battery usage in mind;
– It’s free!

One more thing! We would love to hear what you think of our app. So drop us an email and share your thoughts!

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