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What’s New

GHT gets a ground-up update to a new look and more efficient processing.

App Description

Ghosthunting Toolkit strives to give pros and hobbyists alike REAL tools for paranormal investigation. We do not build in gimmicks or false readings solely for entertainment.

VERSION 3.0 features a ground-up re-design of the user interface. We’ve improved the user experience while keeping all of the tools and features our investigators have come to appreciate.

GHT is delivering our users’ most-requested upgrades.

Use your Ghosthunting Toolkit to investigate the paranormal anytime, anywhere with five powerful tools all in one handy app. Use the EMF Detector to measure electromagnetic field strength on three axes. Use the “Interrogator” to interview intelligent haunts. Verify shaking furniture and fixtures with the seismograph-inspired “Vibration Detector.” Coax entities into revealing their manifestation strength with the “Power Detector.” And easily create and catalog Electronic Voice Phenomena with the built-in “EVP Recorder.”

A night-vision mode converts the screen to red tones to help preserve night vision during “lights out” investigations.

Be ready to log evidence of ghosts, entities, manifestations, poltergeists, residuals and more!

Perfect for professional paranormal investigators and casual hobbyists alike, this app puts the power to investigate a possible haunting right in your pocket or purse for use at a moment’s notice. Use it as an all-in-one ghost hunting solution or as a handy supplement to your complete paranormal investigation equipment kit.

See a full description of each tool at

Note: Requires iOS 5 or better. First and second generation devices not supported. Plug-in microphone is required for EVP use on 3rd Generation devices. EMF Detector not supported on iPod Touch 3rd or 4th Generation devices.

The Ghosthunting Toolkit is provided for entertainment purposes only. We cannot guarantee (or deny) the existence of ghosts or paranormal activity.

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