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iCheckBook2 is designed for anyone who wants to keep a close eye on their finances. Typical banking websites can delay posting your transactions, making it difficult to see your actual balance. With iCheckbook2, you can always know exactly what you have, and where its going.

Watch the demo video : https://youtu.be/94HlTQ4jJA0

Also, keeping your own records will allow you to see if someone has posted a fraudulent charge against your account or changed the price.

iCheckbook2 is a great app for keeping an eye on the cost of a trip or project as well. You will know exactly how much your spending.

Register – an advanced account register to support all your money management needs.

Reoccurring Transactions – store transactions you use often, and schedule them to post automatically.

Export – you can export your transactions to your email in a spreadsheet format (CSV).

Import – you can import transactions from the original iCheckbook app or from any CSV spreadsheet in the proper format.

Security – with the use of a PIN number, iCheckbook2 will keep your information secure and protected.

Reconcile – track what transactions have cleared through the bank by using the Reconcile feature.

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