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App Description

iLaw Enforcement App Assistance Program for Students (iLEAPS) is designed primarly for University students, faculty and staff but also the general population to quickly contact user sign up as officer when faced with high risk or immediate threat scenarios that may impact their safety and well-being or those of others. The iLEAPS system enables the user to quickly report incidents, while, at the same time, geospatially identifying their origin to both dispatch operations and officers. This product was developed under U.S. Department of Homeland Security Corporative Agreement No. 2009-ST-061-CI00001 through agreement no. 4112-50373 between Purdue University’s Visual Analytics for Command and Control, Interoperability National Security, and Emergencies (VACCINE) center and Morgan State University.

This app is for user register as OFFICER only(see user app to register as USER )
You can
• View incidents as soon as they are reported
• View your proximity to reported incidents
• View incident details such as date/time, location, personal information
• Communicate directly with person reporting, other officers and dispatch simultaneously
• View images sent by person reporting

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iPhone Screenshots

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ILEAPS OFFICER screenshot 1 ILEAPS OFFICER screenshot 2 ILEAPS OFFICER screenshot 3 ILEAPS OFFICER screenshot 4

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