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Meet Invox – Just snap a photo or forward an e-invoice from your mailbox and we will do all the heavy lifting.

Invox offers a cloud-based platform that collects, stores & manages all of your business expense invoices, so that you can maximize your tax returns

Our solution comprises of two main platforms – the “Data Magnet” and the “Smart Share” tool

The “Data Magnet” – Collects any invoice in real time and extracts all of the data for you, ensuring you never miss another tax deduction and boosting your productivity.
A unique Invox email address is provided to each expense account created, so every e-invoice can be easily submitted (or auto-forwarded). This address can also be used to collect any scan or image of a traditional paper invoice.
To make the process even easier we came up with an easy-to-use app which allows the end-users to snap invoices on the go, and manage all expenses in real time.
Our smart scan option automatically extracts all of the relevant data from all incoming invoices using OCR and advanced machine learning capabilities.

The “Smart Share” tool – Streamlining Your Business Expenses – Seamless integration with leading accounting software to easily share your expenses or grant access to your bookkeeper, managing your data in more accurate and efficient way.
As Invox is used as an expense hub it enables the end-user to utilize this valuable data and share it with others.
One way to do so is by exporting selected invoices and their data into an accurate and elaborated expense report (XLS/CSV files) for audit purposes or for personal use.
Another more intuitive way is to connect the expense account with a bookkeeper to transmit the information in real time and to ensure that all the manual work is removed.
This is why we developed Invox’s bookkeepers model – a designated cloud-based service that allows bookkeepers to easily manage all of their clients’ expense data, creating more value by eliminating human error and allowing auto rules to handle the expenses automatically in minimal time.

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