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App Description

What is the Lucky Cactus?

It is a state of mind
Tap it.
It may or may not give you luck
Tap it.
Maybe it will
Tap it.
Money, love, power, whatever you want
Tap it.
Maybe it could all be yours

Lucky Cactus Grow Features:
– Take care of the Lucky Cactus to make it grow.
– It will grow in real time and produce Lucky symbols, even while you’re not using the app.
– The bigger it is, the faster it produces Luck symbols on its own.

– Water, tap and remove weeds from the Lucky Cactus to make sure it stays satisfied.
– When it is satisfied, it grows faster.
– While the Lucky Cactus is completely satisfied, tapping it may produce some Fertilizer bubbles. These bubbles can then popped to give you fertilizer.
– Fertilizer bubbles are also given every time you log in after a few hours.
– The bigger the Lucky Cactus, the bigger and faster it produces Luck symbols on its own.

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