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Make it Green is a guided fitness tracking app focused entirely on improvement and results.

Increasing your exercise intensity level over a long period of time is never easy and there’s a good chance you only ever do the same workout over and over at the same pace, and nothing changes, and there are no results.

We utilize Healthkit and the Apple Watch to track your heart rate and calculate your intensity throughout your workout.

Like a diligent accountant, data scientist, and grisly coach all rolled into one, we provided constant clear feedback that helps you match and exceed your previous intensity levels each time you complete a workout.

Great for fitness beginners. Our intelligent, automated, pace setting helps you know exactly how hard you need to work out. Clear boundaries mean you are less like to “over do it,” helping prevent injury and burnout.

Make It Green breaks everything down into one simple question with a straightforward answer.

Did you make it green? If the answer is yes, then mathematically speaking you are guaranteed results!

Just make it green, and let our app do the rest.

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