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Informations About Master Switch for Philips Hue / LIFX / Belkin WeMo

What’s New

With version 3.0.3 MasterSwitch fixs a few bugs as well as restores the option to use the old WeMo scanner.

1) 3.0.1 introduced a new IPV6 WeMo scanner, which works for 99% of routers. For the 1% that do not you can restore the old scanner in Settings in the Advanced Settings area.
2) iOS 10 Fixes for Screen Config

If you are still having issues with the WeMo scan or have any other bugs, PLEASE contact support and not just post a negative review as we can not help you from a review.

1) Updated Today Widget for iOS 10.X
2) Watch App is now a native WatchOS App, and adds a new Glance Screen in App. (See Below)
3) Complication Added for WatchOS for easy launch of the App.
4) A few pesky bugs have been fixed.
5) Fix for Hue Firmware Update Authenticate

NOTE: After updating to the latest WatchOS App if your app crashes, please delete the WatchOS app and re-install the Watch App via the Apple built-in “Watch” App.

Since in WatchOS 3 glances are no longer shown, the Glance Screen was moved into the App. To access the glance screen just hard press in the main light display list.


PepperDogSoft is a small one man operation, so if you like these updates please help out. Your positive reviews shows your support and lets us know your like our stuff. App reviews are reset on each release, so if you posted a review before please do so again. If you are having problems with our products please don’t hesitate to contact us @

App Description

Take control of your home with Master Switch. With its advanced scripting configuration you can create simple to complex actions for your Belkin WeMo, LIFX or Philips Hue devices, mixing and matching LED bulbs and switches.

Got an old iPhone or iPod Touch laying around*? Convert it to a smart network switch (wall or table-top) via switch mode.

Gain quick access to your devices by using the notification center widget, split view or your Apple Watch.**

Main features:
* Fully configurable action spots with ability to mix and match devices.
* Configure spots with different built-in images and color configurations.
* Dim control for individual or grouped LED Light Bulbs, even if set outside a WeMo group.
* Hue support for Toggle/Dim on Lights/Groups/Scenes.
* Support for delayed on/off actions for switched devices such as Air Conditioners.
* Support for WeMo maker in switch or momentary mode.
* See detailed information on all your WeMo, LIFX & Hue devices when you are trying to diagnose a network problem.
* iPhone 6s/6s support for Force/3D Touch actions.
* iPad/iPad Pro OS9 Split View / Multitasking Support. (*4)
* AppleTV4 (tvOS) App (***) included free with purchase of the iOS version.

This version of the app has been tested to work with:
WeMo Switch
WeMo Insight Switch
WeMo Maker
WeMo Bridge with LED Lights (MZ100/Cree/A19/OSRAM Lightify Flex RGBW )
WeMo LightSwitch
Hue Bridge 2012 (BSB001) with LED Lights (A19/BR30)
LIFX 800 / LIFX 1000
(other WeMo/LIFX/Hue devices may work but were not tested by PepperDogSoft).

NOTE: MasterSwitch is required to run on the same WiFi network as your WeMo, LIFX and Hue devices. Away from home control is not currently available from this app. PepperDogSoft is not affiliated with Belkin, LIFX or Philips, the maker of WeMo/LIFX/Hue, so please ensure your devices are set up and working via the official WeMo/LIFX/Hue app prior to using them with this app.

(*) iOS6 or above is required.
(**) Watch supported iPhone with iOS8.2 or above required.
(***) AppleTV4 App requires your iOS device be on iOS 8.X or higher and using the same AppleID as your AppleTV4. (Settings are stored on iCloud)
(*4) iPad mini 2/3/4 or iPad Air/Air2/Pro with iOS 9.X required.

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If you are experiencing problems, please use the Support forum on our website ( as we can better help you there.


App Changes

iPhone Screenshots

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Master Switch for Philips Hue / LIFX / Belkin WeMo screenshot 1 Master Switch for Philips Hue / LIFX / Belkin WeMo screenshot 2 Master Switch for Philips Hue / LIFX / Belkin WeMo screenshot 3 Master Switch for Philips Hue / LIFX / Belkin WeMo screenshot 4 Master Switch for Philips Hue / LIFX / Belkin WeMo screenshot 5

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