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No matter what your cat’s personality, share it with all new Siamese stickers and emojis. There’s a MeezerMOJI for everyone!

MeezerMOJI is here! Finally, a Siamese cat emoji app to get excited about and share with friends. #SayItWithStickers

MeezerMOJI is created BY cat lovers FOR cat lovers and captures our favorite kitty in funny and characteristic Siamese poses. The launch version of MeezerMOJI features adorable Seal Point Siamese, Chocolate Point Siamese, and Blue Point Siamese. You get 30-original emoji bringing you the perfect moods and expressions that your best friends and family will love. We are already developing our next updates to include emoji color patterns such as the Lilac, the Cream, and the Flame Point Siamese while also adding very special holiday emojis -perfect for your celebrations. We will always add more MeezerMOJI to the collection ensuring that you get the most out of your app.

With a great range of unique images and an easy-to-use app, MeezerMOJI is a MUST-HAVE for Siamese lovers and all cat lovers.

Get your paws on it today!

The fun includes:

– Heart grabbing, love-able facial expressions
– Funny kitty antics
– Stickers of your fashionable Siamese
– Your Siamese’s favorite toys
– Cute costumes and kitty smirks
– Ridiculous cat accessories smiles and glam

Check back with us as we release fun new Siamese emoticons.

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Email: [email protected]



We do not collect your personal or message data. Apple requires us to show a message for you to “Allow Full Access for MeezerMOJI Keyboards” but no data is collected. Our Privacy Policy does not allow us access to anything, your device is fully secure.

You can view our complete Privacy Policy here:

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