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MENAlert sifts through security-, political-, and economic-related events across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), as well as globally, to provide timely emergency alerts that go beyond the headlines. Each event is chosen based on relevance and includes concise analysis with context and forecasting. Download today for a two-week free trial and thereafter choose from our competitively priced subscription packages that allows anyone from the corporate security manager to the MENA-based employee, to the news junkie who needs to be aware of critical events in the region and be more informed as a result.
MENAlert allows users to:

Customise settings to receive emergency alerts on the most recent and relevant events in the MENA region and major security events worldwide.
Delve deeper into issues to fully understand what impact these events may have on their immediate environment, the region and how to respond to them.
Use our interactive map to see precise locations of incidents, as well as their proximity to the user.
Access a comprehensive database of reports for a large selection of countries in the MENA region.
Access locations and directions to local police stations and hospitals.
Integrate customised mapping for an added fee in order to identify offices, ‘no-go’ areas, safe zones and any other locations to increase protection for employees, families, and dependents.
Provide news tips and feedback to make MENAlert as useful as possible for yourself and other users.
Be on the front line of our expansion both into other regions across the world and our hours of coverage.

MENAlert is initially providing full reporting coverage during business hours from Sunday-Friday, but these hours will be extended in the event of major incidents.
What’s new in this version:

Le Beck International takes over from AssetSource to provide the new and enhanced platform MENAlert. We’ve implemented more affordable pricing, improved and refined search features, expanded mapping that allows users to easily distinguish types of events, user-friendly methods to contact us, and refined content focusing on those major and notable events that are important to you.

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