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Informations About NYU Tandon Makerspace VR

App Description

Tandon Makerspace is a fully equipped fabrication lab – it is well funded and is open to anyone with an idea. The catalog of machines range from Laser cutters and 3D printers to integrated manufacturing facilities. But more than just a repository of machines, it’s a community of people with ideas.

Food Computer

A food computer can be described as a specialized vertical growing chamber in which climate, energy, and plant growth are controlled and monitored. The monitored data is stored and processed in order to scientifically and dynamically enhance food growth. Tandon students Jonas, Omar, Selim, and Will, have set out to build their own food computer, conceived as a response to the exponential rise of the world’s population and the shrinking per capita agricultural land.

Prosthetic Project

An interdisciplinary team of medical professionals and tech designers are looking into low-cost orthotic and prosthetics solutions for children with Cerebral Palsy or with injuries. This is a demographic that is generally not covered by insurance for prosthetics due to high bodily growth rate and the need to change prosthetics regularly. The team is striving to create 3D printed prosthetics while streamlining the process to meet the needs of more people.

Baja SAE

Baja SAE is an automobile design competition where universities from all over the world design and build off road vehicles from scratch. These automobiles are meant to endure some of the harshest conditions in rough terrain. The competition involves a marquee event where the universities face off against one another in a grinding race. But that is only one event among many others which involve a highly rigorous examination of not only the vehicle but also the cost report, design report, safety features, and so on. NYU has only recently formed its Baja team and we successfully participated in our debut Baja event in 2017.

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