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App Description

The real extreme police dog loyalty is here. This police dog crazy duty is here to eliminate the airport crime with full action and police spirit. The airport is full of criminals, crowd, people around you and carrying out dangerous crime activities. The police is here at the airport for the rescue. He has some crazy extreme qualities like sniffing and chasing around criminals in this big city environment of 2017. This police dog has a real chase duty at the crazy airport crime rate. In many crime resports police was unable to resolve and so entered the police dog to resolve the crazy airport crime.
Police Dog crazy airport crime is an extreme police dog airport crime simulator 3D game that has an extremely hostile conflict between casual bad guys hardened criminals, escaped convicts and police. But this is a game where you are the well trained but aggressive canine partner to the police. Utilize your extremely crazy potential of sniffing the crime out of the crowd, chasing the criminals with your trained legs for such scenario. Secure the airport from the crazy airport crime activities with the help of your most loyal trustworthy police dog.
The crazy thing about this police dog crazy airport crime game is that, the police never lets anyone escape from it area. He gets alert and chase after the robbers and crazy criminals, the police dog complete the mission and get the criminals arrested.
You are an extremely real crazy police dog at the airport on the lookout for petty criminals doing casual crime, robbers who escaped convicts on the run, or planted extremely dangerous explosives in the airport to be sniffed out or general bad behavior. Not only that you have disarm gangsters and viciously attack crazy thugs at airport by jumping attack on them and getting them arrested. Remember you are a crazy police dog to kill out the crazy airport crime who is fearless in engaging your enemy with a combination of attacks using your sharp teeth and powerful jaws, chasing potential and sniffing power. Have fun playing in an extremely stunning 3D realistic crazy airport crime city environment. As a crazy police dog hunting your mission and your crime eradicating tasks include chasing thieves and robbers and escaped ex-jailed criminal who are trying to escape the law enforcement and doing all they can to get away as they are on the run in this crime city When they are there try sniffing them, when the crazy airport crime catalysts run you have to chase, when they fight you have to attack, when they plant explosives you have to sniff them out. Just follow the arrow in this real police dog airport crime game in this crime city of ultimate criminals.
It’s time to secure the airport from crazy crime and extreme criminals. You have been trained as a professional police dog to chase crazy criminals and control extreme crime at airport. Sniff around and look for trouble at the lobby and cargo clearance area at the airport. Hunt down crazy criminals and show your skills as the trained police dog. Don’t let the criminals get away with crime instead chase them. The security of the airport is in your hands now try sniffing out your way to the peaceful city and airport. It’s Time to end the crazy airport crime. The thrill of chasing criminals and catching them is awesome. It’s really an incredible crazy police dog simulator for those looking to have fun as a doggy. This game is chasing game about police vs robbers. In this game you are the police pursuit trained dog. As a police hunting dog your real mission is to chase down the thieves, robbers and criminal who are trying to escape and getting away after breaking into the city and running fast through the streets.

Key Features of Police dog crazy airport crime :

1- Stunning 3D City Environment
2- Exciting Attack Combinations
3- Perfectly Smooth game play
4- Variety of Police Dogs
5- Crazy Police Dog Chasing Prisoners

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