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Have you taken an L recently? You don’t have to answer that because the app will use your facial expressions to determine if you took an L.

“L” stands for Loss. Originally used to describe one’s disposition of engaging in an activity that he/she does not particularly like.

This is a game where you play with friends to see who can take the least amount of Ls.

A statement is read, then the app uses facial expressions to determine if the user has done it before.

So, next time you take a massive L, breathe in a deep breath, let that s*** wash over you and learn to laugh about it. Recognize the humor.

Inspired by popular youtubers doing You Laugh You Lose Challenge, Would you rather, truth or dare, smash or pass, try not to laugh, 1000 Degree Knife, or Bottle Flip challenge. All these party apps were similar and fun, but rather than ask the user to pick yes or no, we add a twist and use facial expressions to answer for you.

You have options to generate your own statements, or play with statements submitted by users. 1 or 2 players available.

Do us a favor and Take this L.

*Works with different phone language settings*

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