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Ugber is designed to find mentors, tutors, teachers, coaches, or anyone who has something to teach near you, from a wide range of topics and skill level. We hope elementary, high-school, and college tutors, professors, athletic trainers, Doctorates, dancers, cooks, managers, therapist benefit from this app, as well as other professional or non-professionals who wants to share their experiences and knowledge.
You can also use it for other services such as grass cutting, painting, cleaning house, video editing, moving house, massage, etc.

We get 5%.

Either you’re a can be a camera man, an athletic trainer, painter, sketcher, entrepreneur, skilled in stocks, therapist, dancer, musician, vocal coach, public speaker or just someone who has a regular tutor class, can make use of this app. You can teach or share what you know to other people interested in your topic.
And also you can offer your services.


We are not responsible for any personal loss, damages, stolen information or injury. You will not sue this company for any reason, and use this site at your own risk and responsibility.
We do not guarantee the accuracy information provided by the mentors, tutors, teachers, coaches or anyone who has something to teach.
Please exercise caution as with other meeting apps and put your ratings of the mentors.

Many jurisdictions have laws protecting consumers and other contract parties, limiting their ability to waive certain rights and responsibilities. We respect such laws, nothing herein shall waive such rights or responsibilities that cannot be waived.

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