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Recently a flood came in USA and destroyed the major USA Military Bridge. This bridge was a major mode of transportation for USA military weapons and American criminals. As this bridge was one of the chief buildings in America the military bridge was meant to be reconstructed. It is not an easy task and it was supposed to be handled by one of the best builders in the American military. This bridge was a big support to the USA military, the American army commandoes transport battle weapons through this bridge and they were able to complete the battle and construction mission because of this bridge. But now American weapons are distorted and missions are kept pending until the best builder in America comes and takes over the charge of bridge builder mission. USA Army is waiting for so long to get this bridge completed as soon as possible.
Now you being the best Military bridge builder among all is expected to show an outstanding performance while construction of USA military bridge. The American army is ready to pay you as much as you ask only if you undergo a bridge construction that is one of its kinds. So pick up all your bridge construction tools and carry on this bridge builder mission. You have arms of a labor and mind of an America military officer who will find ways and tricks for this bridge construction mission to be completed in short time. Being senior army officer of your USA army battalion lead the builder team and help them in construction the bridge so that you can transport army weapons in the battle field in this USA military game. Apply real time military civil engineering skills in this USA Military Bridge builder game. Bridge construction is not an easy job, building a USA military bridge requires building geniuses of military. As an American army engineer, you have to establish a proper bridge infrastructure strategy on which road construction can be done easily. There is a lot to be done in this USA military infrastructure construction game so you better start the construction now and don’t waste your building time. This construction game is an all in one package. You get to drive heavy Military construction vehicles with unbelievably smooth controls. Along with all this major construction, in this army bridge construction game, make sure that this American army bridge road is tough enough to survive heavy traffic load during the thrilling missions of battles, such as cargo trucks, heavy excavators, military tanks, bus along with different transportation trucks vehicles.
Key Features of USA military bridge builder :
1- Beautiful off-road environment
2- Easy and smooth controls of truck and 4×4 vehicles
3- Challenging army bridge building tasks
4- Extreme precision truck driving simulator in an army bridge construction game

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