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App Description

VR Sniper Shooting 3D is an ultimate FPS entertaining challenging aiming VR commando shooting action game about frontline army special force personal camp attacked by enemies with classified weapons. As an elite sniper commando duty to perform covert operation & destroy enemy strongholds in surroundings of armyheadquarter. Enemies are equipped with the latest weapons ready to crush headquarter & show superpower on army special force camp. Enemies are roaming around in bullet proof cars helicopters are 24 hours for their surveillance anti aircraft AK47 Bazooka rocket launcher are the standard weapons & they have skilled army soldiers. VR army headquarter warzone shooting 3D commando sniper death shooter aiming to destructible the enemies with sharpshooting sniper skills also offers to enjoy thrilling warzone in real modern combat arena and it simulates an elite sniper shooter to counter attack. Feel the spirit of counter attack with heli or as bravo elite commandos of century with VR army headquarter warzone 3D game.
Step onto the combat arena with the game that raised the bar for first-person shooters. Enjoy thrilling sniper fury commando adventure virtual reality mission based game on modern sniper combat zone. Shot at sight demolish enemies frontline arena is ready to strike sniper with gunshots. Using VR glasses aiming headshots of enemies in critical situation of army headquarter as a ranger savior of army camp. With access to powerful guns will rely on sharpshooting skills to finish the job. Upgrade rifle or rocket launcher to improve accuracy, damage and range. Arm with deadly assassin sniper weapons assault rifles machine guns and the latest military gear to complete counter attack covert missions in Virtual Reality. Quickly select the weapons to end fire line. Take timely decision and immediately penetrate in enemy’s lane and kill every single soldier of enemy before they play game of blood and hit you. Fight the battle for the sovereignty and dignity of country & save army headquarter. It’s time to start the war with enemy and make this land as great warzone.
Show a ranger gorilla action while combat arena. Destroy all vehicles of enemy army and shoot every single enemy army commando adventures. Their guns are equipped with night vision telescope. So first try to shoot dead those marksman and snipers. VR Army Headquarter warzone is not only a sniper shooting game but this is a complete series of commando mission’s game. This fight is for courage & glory. Use ammunition wisely to fight long battle. One shoot one kill rule must apply to save ammo & essential for long fight.
Game Play:
• Insert device into the VR glasses after selection of level and guns
• Fire is auto just have to take a look at enemies
• Movement of commando is auto
Features of VR Army Headquarter Game:
• Thrilling FPS shooting game
• Combat missions at one of the complex Army headquarter
• Variety of levels in counter terror mission
• Multiple addictive levels
• Virtual Reality HD Graphics
• World’s deadliest sniper rifles
• 3D Army camp environment
• Unlimited waves of enemy army
• Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation!
• Easy and intuitive controls
• Ultra realistic 3D graphics and incredible animations
• Easy and intuitive controls
• Deadly rifles with all modern snipers zooming feature
• Actual sound effects, background and shooting sounds
• Compatible with VR glasses

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