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Waltair Club was established by the officers of the erstwhile East Coast Railway, East Coast Battalion and other Civilian officers stationed at Visakhapatnam way back in 1883 in the Book Club. It was expanded later on the land acquired by the then officers from various parties like Mr. Perla Narayana Chetty, Mr. Bhaumi Sohucar and others. The land, which was rocky, was levelled to construct the present Club buildings.

Waltair Club’s annexure was built for storing large stocks of provisions and goods directly imported by the Club and functioned as a commissary to the members. It was then handed over to Spencer & Co. in 1908 till they stopped operations in 1920.
Horse stables and carriage sheds used to be maintained by the Club for the convenience of its members till 1930, when automobiles entered the transport sector.

It was Waltair Club that brought the first rays of electric light to Visakhapatnam way back in 1912, through two diesel generators supplied to the Club by Messrs. Crompton Engineering Company. The plant was later disposed of by the municipal authorities.
The erstwhile Maharaja of Bobbili, Mr V.S. Ranga Rao, donated the first band stand on which a regular band used to play once in a week to entertain the Club members and their families. The practice of presenting Christmas gifts to the Club employees, started in 1904 by the then president R.H. Campbell ICS, is still being continued.

Download this App to learn all about the Club and its activities.If you are a member, please log-in to receive all member specific communication, look up the club directory, share your thoughts and ideas with other members of the club. You can also check your member accounts with this App.

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