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Brainstorm with friends while texting!

Wicked Brainstorm™ lets you brainstorm with the people you iMessage. If you try that now, your ideas are mixed in with every other text message. With Wicked Brainstorm, your group’s ideas are gathered together, yet still kept within Apple’s Messages app. When done, you can turn the brainstormed list into a checklist and even vote as a group on the best ideas!

Now you can collaboratively brainstorm anything while texting. Spouses can brainstorm ideas for family trips, shopping lists, and activities. Friends can brainstorm dinner or weekend plans. Work teams can brainstorm new product ideas, feature lists, advertising ideas, product names, brand strategies, event ideas, marketing concepts, and a thousand more things. Wicked Brainstorm is as wicked as your imagination, and it all happens within Messages.

What makes Wicked Brainstorm the easiest and best way to brainstorm with friends is that you can do it anytime and from anywhere. Y’all don’t need to be in the same room; you don’t need to work at the same time; you don’t need a special account. Simply add your ideas to the list whenever and wherever you are, and the people you’re messaging will see them live and can add their own ideas with the same freedom.

That makes Wicked Brainstorm easier than a group meeting with a whiteboard and easier than logging into a website. Heck, it’s easier than pencil and paper!

• Instantly collaborate with anyone you text using iMessage, including groups
• Everyone sees ideas added by the others
• Turn the list into a checklist
• Vote for favorite ideas
• Share ideas to other apps, and especially to Wicked Plan™ for then turning into a complete plan
• Encourage or praise other group members using stickers built in Wicked Custom Stickers™, including animated stickers and stickers with your brand or logo

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