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Word Descrambler is a multifunction word unscrambling tool, that will help you find words hidden in any jumbled up group of letter up to 22 letters long.
It will make you look like a genius at solving anagrams and classic word board games, or enhance your problem-solving skills, if you prefer to avoid hints or cheats of modern iPhone- or iPad- based word games.
Descrambler not only generates lists of words that can be built from the group of letters that you type in (using the “Simple Descrambler” mode), but it also generates pairs of words that can be built all of the letters in the mishmash entered (using the “Pair Descrambler” mode).
Word Descrambler also allows you to take a screenshot of a puzzle that you are working with on your iPhone or a photo of a jumble puzzle out of a newspaper, and then type-in the letters without having to leave the Word Descrambler app.
This tool is quick and accurate in finding the hidden words in the most difficult word games that you might play.

• Provides two unique search modes – Simple and Pairs
• Draws from a complete and modern English dictionary of hundreds of thousands of words
• Shows the results in easy-to-read, alphabetized formats
• Allows selecting the results to support copy and paste
• Produces your choice of either rich, colorized output and plain text output
• Will automatically clear the screen each for every search, if you choose that
• Allows you to import snapshots of your current iPhone (or iPod Touch) word game, so that you can type in the letters for your search easily
• Allows you to photography any word game or puzzle from a book, magazine or newspaper, to make typing in the letters easy

Let Word Descrambler help you solve the most difficult word games that you play!

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