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YouBluff is a blind strategic card game based on the rules of poker. It is designed to engage two players in a match of hide and seek to see who can out bluff the other and win the day!

The game is designed as an asymmetric multiplayer poker based card game. User enjoyment has been uppermost in our minds during the design process.

Players can login with their Facebook accounts, review and send their performance statistics for posting to their Facebook page. Users can invite one another for matches complete with push reminders, and the game has tutorial and rules information as well as the privacy policy included into its pages. Simple setup options for a given user account are included in the app.

YouBluff is meant for simple entertainment through the use of a card bluffing strategy game engine with no controversial themes or profanity in its design.

The privacy agreement can be found on the game page at

We hope you enjoy the app!

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